[2015 Spring AI: Mining the Social Web] Working for Your Project!

  • Course material for March 3 and 5.


For the next 2 classes for your project

  1. Have a seat with your group members.
  2. Encourage your group members not to skip the classes.
  3. (5 to 10 min) Set a specific goal for each class: I will ask in the beginning of the classes.
    • e.g. “We will complete to construct a Pandas table with our dataset.”, “Our goal is to collect Yelp data during the last 3 months.”, “We’ll make a presentation file.”
  4. At the end of the classes(5 to 10 min), evaluate the achievement compared to the initial goals you set. Briefly explain what were challenges, and major achievements.

Expected elements in your upcoming project presentation

  • What is the dataset you would use? (not only website, but also specific attributes.)
  • What is the basic question you try to answer with this dataset? (Being specific is better.) Why is the question important?
  • Why is your dataset (or attributes of the dataset) good to answer your question?
  • What techniques (in machine learning) will you use to answer your question?
  • Why is the technique better compared to other possible candidate techniques?
  • Are there any similar attempts? If exist, what would be the advantage of yours competitively?
  • How will you present your result? (e.g. predicting something, clustering something)
[2015 Spring AI: Mining the Social Web] Working for Your Project!

How to be Effective in the Classroom: From Communicating Difficult Concepts to Storytelling

Part of AI classes for 2015 spring semester.

Time & Brief Explanation

  • Friday, February 20th, 10:00 am to 11:30 am
  • Professor Siegel, who gets many kudos from students for his engaging teaching methods, will lead this spring interactive workshop for AI’s. Come be inspired by his session on communication in the classroom and making a difference.
    (Professor Marty Siegel)

Contents Summary

  • Not to try covering the material, but to try “uncovering” the material

  • Playing the whole game

  • Math class should make students understand ongoing games on mathematics field.
  • Ex> Learning soccer:
  • playing from the very first day of learning
  • doesn’t exist “Soccer 101: Kick”, “Soccer 201: Pass” and so on.
  • Then, what’s the game of my field, or the field of the course?
  • Show students the big picture. Make them imagine it.
  • Communicating with students about these topics provides them A HA moments.

  • Storytelling

  • Telling as a story helps students to remember very well.
  • Personal story makes you more human, approachable, communicatable.

For I400 (the class for which currently I’m doing AI )

  • Possible questions for an applicatoin
  • Why are you taking this course? What made you to decide to take this?
  • Why is social media data important? What are the differences of social media data compared to previous other data sources? Why do you want to collect and use “social media data” rather than other sources?
  • What kinds of commands (or set of commands) do we need to do what you want? Can you explain why each part is necessary?
  • (I missed later part of the class (because of another group meeting)).
How to be Effective in the Classroom: From Communicating Difficult Concepts to Storytelling